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This is a place where volunteers can openly communicate. The EndCoronavirus Discourse allows volunteers to actively participate in helping our mission through responding to “help wanted” advertisements in a variety of different categories.

If an individual is looking for local help, we are also setting up categories for a variety of different areas and communities. Team leads will post requests for help in various categories visible on the home-page, including Communications, Analytics, Tech and Outreach. Specific tags will be created for various places around the world. This will allow for volunteers to ask for help locally if needed.

More details are available in the User Manual!

Take a look for tips on getting started, then feel free to introduce yourselves below to get the conversation started! Make sure to include:

  1. Where you live
  2. Languages you speak
  3. Top skills
  4. Why you joined

Hi everyone! I’m Athena, I joined endcoronavirus.org about a month ago and am currently working on projects related to discourse and project productivity as well as linking some volunteers to the cause from the company I work for. Happy to be here!


Introducing myself:

Statistical modeling, IT, Scrum, Project management.
Starting a project to estimate the # of unreported corona virus cases. All that is being discussed now is based on ‘Reported cases’

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Hello, I’m Sean!

I’m working on getting this Discourse instance into a useful state.

I live in Toronto, Canada and joined EndCoronavirus.org in the hopes of meaningfully applying my computery skills to reduce the magnitude of this crisis.

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Welcome everyone. Let me know if I can be of help!

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Welcome everyone! Let me know if I can help!

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Hi, I’m Sam. I have been helping out with #outreach in Africa, working on mutual aid group coordination, and helping to arrange international PPE shipments. Let me know if I can help.


Hi folks! I am one of the original volunteers at endcoronavirus.org. I play a role in building the organization - nucleating teams to address strategic initiatives. I am also an admin on the Slack workspace.

I am usually working on solutions to community outreach problems that stand in the way of implementing our Safe Circles roll-out and am currently working on the following projects:

  • guidelines writing
  • op-eds
  • communications (especially promoting)
  • website team formation
  • scientist database
  • PCR test methods
  • poop testing
  • organization partnerships, and more!

I’m around on Slack quite a bit and getting more involved in Discourse. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Typo: Did you mean?

Create an account in discount following the guide above
Create an account in Discourse following the guide above

Hi, Matti from Finland, still trying to find my place in all of this. I’ve been mostly doing translations, as well as blogging and social media on my own accounts to spread knowledge.

Former marketing, now doing a PhD on complexity perspectives to behavioural medicine and lifestyle change… Dying to hear if the NECSI summer session in August is going to happen in some form or another!


@heinonmatti great to have you! Here on our discourse site you can scan through help wanted posts (as they come as the site is still new) in categories most relevant to you (communication analytics etc) to see where you can pitch in your skills or a team you may want to join. Each category has a description under it. I noticed @Rami mentioned some possible translation needs, have you two met per chance?

You can also make posts for projects you would like to get going with the skills you have under relevant categories. Let me or @staff know if you have any questions or need more direction!


Update on PPE SCAMS Project:
Valeri Rose Natole is coordinating this project.
Wordpress on Google could ETA April 22nd.
Info on the needed skills and more:

Maybe @Aaron van help her?


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Hello everyone, greetings from Joanne in the UK. I’m from enterprise software product management background and joined this volunteer program over a month. I started the #response-patient_saas project and have mostly worked on it.

In nutshell we’re building a multi-tenant SaaS solution to connect patients with healthcare providers and drive actions to patients through automation. It effectively helps solving the ‘overflow’ problem when healthcare providers are overwhelmed by demand, but also improves efficiency of utilising healthcare resources in general. WHO has recently recommended the ‘patient triage tool’ in its guideline, which is similar to our service.

I’m keen to connect with other teams to potentially unify our efforts on outreach and medical research. We’re also WIP extending the product and development teams so anyone who’s interested is welcome!

In addition, I split my time between Long Beach and Los Angeles.

I speak English, German, French and Spanish.

My top skills are hustle, medtech, robotics, chemistry, analytical testing, finance, team organization, organizational design, grassroots activism, partnerships and public relations.

I joined to help save lives and end the outbreak and I believe the complex systems approach is the tip of the spear!

Introduce yourself!
Hi all my name is Julia and I am living in Boston! I am a NECSI employee and happy to help direct you! I am currently one of the communication team leads. I speak English and Russian. I am passionate about ending coronavirus and feel it is important that we continue to fight to stop this! Let me know if there is anything I can help with, I have a few jobs posted in the communication team as well! Talk to you soon.

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