Volunteer Projects Board - Overview of Help Needed

Ways to Participate as a Volunteer

Projects In Need of Specific Skills

  • Developers, educators, and generalists for our Covid Tutoring initiative sign up here
  • Software engineers to help build a platform for teachers to reach out to students (See post here
  • Writers to build content on the site or draft messages for the coms team (#com slack channel)
  • Subject matter experts to lead channels and ensure questions get answers (such as #response-law and #response-medical_professionals)
  • Graphic Designers to build info-graphics for the coms team and website (#com slack channel)
  • Local leaders to help place medical/science volunteers at testing sites (#response-sci-volunteer-database)
  • Web designers to help build out features on www.chamber19.com, join #response-bioaerosol-chamber to learn more
  • Marketing/Advertising and Business Negotiator/Sales for promoting Chamber 19: A Negative Pressure Patient Isolation Zone, join #response-bioaerosol-chamber to learn more
  • Python/Coder to automate data/graphs for the website and Writers to draft content related to the data, (See post here)
  • Tutors need to help support students who no longer have face-to-face support, sign up here
  • A large project focused on helping the patient experience is in need of a large team to help make this happen. If you have any of the following skills please join #patient_journey or DM @Karlo Martin
    • Writers/Editors with or without medical writing experience
    • Graphic Designers especially those with website graphics experience
    • Volunteers with Data Visualization experience
    • Media Designers familiar with tools like revitt, autocad, maya, indesign, etc…
    • Database Administrators
    • Website Administrators
    • Volunteers with ETL/Data management experience
    • Security specialist
    • Scientists, Researchers, or Medical Professionals

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