Long term strategy

Hi everybody!
I wonder about our long term strategy.

At the beginning we were about early response guidelines to end the virus rapidly and decisively.

Although we have now many places with huge amounts of cases, we are still trying to end it, in part because the long term consequences of the alternatives (having the virus around) are devastating as people won’t just return to their usual behavior after a government decides to “open up”.

Right now we are targeting each state individually by scheduling meetings with the respective governor. Maybe we can get one state to implement our protocols and become a “green” state and thus putting pressure on others to follow suit.

In this topic I want to get an idea of time frames. How long after we have a green state can we hope for others to get there, too and what would need to be done to accelerate this process?

Also, what if we are unsuccessful in the US?

What if e.g. Australia manages to be green (looking good!) and we help them with measures that would make it more probable that other countries (including US) are incentivized to get there, too. What would we need to do?

How long until we could end the virus worldwide?

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There’s so much that depends.

Realistically, I think the global situation is bleak, not definitely catastrophic, but almost identical to the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, we are so unprepared as a globalized world. Its going to be rough, and we need to go all out to fight it and save lives. We can win. We have the capacity to beat this thing and get to eradication in most of the world!

Overall, Rural Areas are far better protected than Poverty Stricken Cities. Bodies in the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I want to get our response deployment up & running in the US for my #outreach-usa team. Then I’ll be able to pivot to global and poverty stricken countries.

I just need people to do work. This is an ask for anyone reading this. Get in touch with me if you have solutions, ideas or can do work. Reading, Writing, Editing, Copy Work. Also Subject Matter Expertise.

Email: geoffrey@endcoronavirus.org

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