Integrating Discourse and Slack

Some people on the Slack (specifically, Roman Roznovsky and Marty K) have mentioned they are afraid of attention being split by the introduction of Discourse. This is a legitimate fear!

However, I believe they can work together. Discourse can easily integrate with Slack via a plugin, which will post new activity from Discourse onto a Slack, among other features.

Additionally, as described in this blog post, Slack and Discourse have complimentary feature sets:

Group chat is great for:

  1. Minimum viable communities
  2. Real-time resolutions
  3. Urgent notifications
  4. Socialising

Forums discussion is great for:

  1. Inclusive dialogue (not segregated by time-zones)
  2. Communities of scale
  3. Knowledge storage & distribution
  4. Moderated/filtered communication

Finally, I think Discourse will allow us to quickly build features which were too difficult to create with Slack, such as a Job Board.


I have successfully integrated Discourse with Slack. Specifically, Slack channels can now follow specific categories/posts. I’m actually super surprised how easy it was to install and configure everything!

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I spoke with @matthew about taking care of this. Check with him.

I just started configuring the Discourse integration. It should be watching all topics in site-feedback now.

Sweet! I just saw my last post in the general Slackbot channel. Let’s see if I can add it to a different channel.

Can you echo all of the outreach channels from slack to here?

Not without writing a custom plugin. Also, you wouldn’t really want to do that, since they serve different purposes.

  • Slack: I need help in the next 15 minutes
  • Discourse: I need help within the next few days

I was trying to have Discourse be a community outreach tool.

And I would be happy to help with that! Could you explain exactly what you mean by “community outreach” and what changes you would like to see on this Discourse which would satisfy that objective?

Engaging with everyone rather than just the people working on projects. Engaging in people for community empowerment.

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