Improving Volunteer Onboarding

One of the biggest challenges of the community is volunteer management. From what I’ve understood from talking to Marty K, this can be broken down into:

  1. Getting volunteers to communicate their skills and interests in a manner that can be easily collected and searched.

  2. Informing volunteers of projects relevant to them and following up with them

The Slack has a good approach to this involving a custom sign-up form and However, adding Discourse into the mix has complicated things.

What changes should be made to the Discourse to improve the volunteer onboarding experience?

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ECV Discourse, as discussed with @Athenah at the outset, is it’s own project. It’s purpose is to provide a more accessible gathering place for people who want to do community outreach, not necessarily get involved with projects or teams that are operating in ECV slack. If someone does want to get involved with a team or project that is happening in ECV slack, then we’ll send them into the greet-concierge process and get them plugged in. Make sense?

Too, there is no issue with the greeting and concierge function deployed for slack that Discourse resolves. Bear in mind that the challenge we’re addressing with the greet-concierge function and process development in ECV slack is the challenge that every project is facing. We’re developing a native solution to this that is scalable and can be applied to multiple use cases.

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