I'm new so made a new topic, topic

Lets Break the ice and hang out and getting to know each other, also start playing with this new tool. DISCOURSE!


Welcome @qastokes! Great first topic. I’m in the US, Florida. I started volunteering for endcoronavirus.org last month and so far have been helping out on volunteer on-boarding and some operations tasks. How about you?

This is my test reply, reply!

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@vangennep got it! Let me know if you have any questions!

Hey Athena. I’m Good. So Tired I’ll probably start hallucinating soon. But good otherwise.

Given we now have a “Introduce Yourself” topic and Slack is better for chatting, would it be alright if I closed this topic?

I mean a lot of people have responded to it so I dont know if thats necessary personally, it also features the user manuel which is kind of important

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