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I have an old degree in theoretical biology and a little bit of research experience (in math biology) . I have read or skimmed many papers from NECSI (mostly on physics arxiv). I’m mostly interested in social sciences, and their interactions with biology, ecology, etc. ( follow some of the papers posted on arxiv’s covd site–bioarxiv, etc; and some sites such as (from NIH), some from AAAS and more.

I’m not at the technical level of PhDs in physics, but i’m above the level of people who don’t know what a virus or the SIR model is.

I also listen to alot of media (which is filled with what I consider non-scientific information —I live in an area with a large african american population and many of them think COVID was human made, some don’t think it exists—and don’t wear masks or social distance, and there are actually a fairly large number of COVID deaths here —and a large majority are african americans. )

(I’ve been tested and came out negative though I was also told it may just have been ‘indetectable’.).

I’m really interested in education (including for myself)—we have an interaction of many ‘pandemics’ or issues here-COVID , the upcoming national and local elections, a ‘homicide epidemic’, an ‘opiate epidemic’, mental illness issues, mixture of increasing poverty and increasing wealth, a record number of 90+ degree days (‘global warming’), etc. This is Wash DC.

I just wonder if there are any ways to be involved in discussions about all of these factors. (I’m not in a unviersity community and the local people don’t really deal with these issues—they focus on survival --whether its going to work/childcare/home education or being unemployed.

The few academics at local universities i occassionaly have emailed basically say ‘we have it covered’ --either you are in a PhD program/researcher or else you are on your own —and perhaps should start a ‘neighorhood mutual aid network’ and start a garden to get food.

I would like to see if I can get some of the local people I know to get interested in these topics—though for the average person there is almost no value to science apart from owning a smartphone and watching nature videos on TV (or a few people go out and clean the trash out the local parks).

(I’ve known people who went to or worked at MIT, Harvard, and similar places and I’ve been to MIT for a graduation of a relative) But the minute you get off campuses like that you are in a different world.

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Thanks for your message Ishi. I’ve just sent you a message with instructions on how to get involved.

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