Data Visualization: Volunteer Work & Roles Available

Needs Specialized Collaborators

Preferred knowledge / skills:

  • Data science,
  • Data visualization

Time scale: ongoing

Description of the work:

Our Volunteer team is bridging the gap between Covid-19 data and people. Insightful visualizations have show how Covid-19 data the way it is impacting people and most importantly, How to Win!

Hi there,

You can contact me at (

A short visual I made, just for your reference (link).

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This is awesome! This kind of data is relevant to the current data-visualisations that we’re building. Have you joined ECV or are you interested in working with us?

So far, I have only registered as a Volunteer in ECV. I am interested to work with u , let me know how I can be helpful.


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We would love to have you work with us. Have you registered on our Slack? If so, what is your Slack volunteer username & I can contact you over there

Ping! Are you still there? Can you join us on our Slack channel:

Yes, I am there. I will join the slack.

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Hello , I m interested in this work.

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That’s great Kanikanama! I’ve just sent you a message on how to get involved

I would like to be part on this team please. I can share you some examples of my achievments if needed. Don’t hesitate to contact me

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Yes we’d love your help. I think we may just have a whole new set of analytics work on the horizon. Follow the join instructions from my message

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