Analytics: Volunteer Work & Roles Available

Needs General Workers

Time scale: ongoing

Description of the work:

Various projects to assist with requests made by other ECV ( projects/teams/channels to find meaningful information and help make it useful.


I’d like to contribute if I can be useful. I’ve been working as a data engineer for a while, so I can help with more technical work (pipeline setup, infrastructure setup, coding), but I’m also open to help anywhere I can. I’m happy to learn new tech, but really comfortable with: Python, Java, data processing DSLs (SQL, Spark, Beam, Flink), Google Cloud Platform (Kubernetes, BigQuery, Storage, Dataflow, etc.). In case I need to find data sources I speak fluent Hungarian and I can read Spanish and Dutch.


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Hi Gabor
We would love to have you on our team. I’ve sent you a message with details on how to get involved

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