About FTPeople (Files To People)

The FTPeople (Files To People) project consists of distributing useful information on COVID-19, recommended actions, current state of the country, recommended protection supplies. In addition to educational material for students to study during quarantine and some entertainment until the storage capacity is full.

The development consists of a router with FTP, a USB stick and a power inverter. In the USB stick the information is stored, the router is configured as a public FTP server and connected to the car with the power inverter. People could download the files by connecting to the network from their home for some time while the vehicle is on location.

  • The distribution would be done with a device in police and military vehicles to prevent theft in unsafe areas.
  • It would also prevent the police from being on the street, in Argentina (and probably in many other countries) they do not have enough protection and can get infected.
  • It would link them better to the citizens.
  • They would have to drive through all the streets periodically, increasing the reach of the network would reduce the possibility of citizens wandering the streets.

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