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Our Volunteer team is bridging the gap between Covid-19 data and people. Insightful visualizations have show how Covid-19 data the way it is impacting people and most importantly, How to Win!

Hi Tracy,

I have been working a bit on time series visualisations for COVID-19 data, see:

I’m currently based in Australia (Melbourne), and because of the evolving outbreak here I would like to create a map-based visualisation of local government areas (analogous to US counties). It would be good if it was based on the same ideas as endcoronavirus as I think you guys are doing a great job.

One possibility would be to put it on your site, if you’d like that.

Another possibility is I create my own version for Australia (and particularly the Melbourne area), but based on the same algorithms / criterion you use for red/orange/green.

So could we start a conversation about what would be useful for both of us?

It’s probably more sensible to do this via email than this site, you should have my email address in my account but if not I can send it.

best regards,


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Hi Nigel, thanks for getting in touch. That’s such a great idea! I live in Sydney & would love to see something similar for Australia & if one can get that ball rolling, there’s no reason to end in Australia. I’ve sent you a message on how to get started. Hope to see you on our platform soon.

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