PatientAid PatientAid is the product that we’re building to support COVID19 potential patients in need of medical help, via self-service to connect with healthcare providers, and receive the most suitable guidance and resulting actions in an automated way. It assists the government and healthcare providers to address the ‘overflow’ challenge of patient triage for self-isolation, testing, telemedicine and hospitalisation. Our idea is to centralize management of both demand and healthcare resources by priority based on clinical assessment of an individual’s health circumstances. It also caters for varying requirements of prioritisation and supports cross organisational/international collaboration. FTPeople The FTPeople (Files To People) project consists of distributing useful information on COVID-19, recommended actions, current state of the country, recommended protection supplies. In addition to educational material for students to study during quarantine and some entertainment until the storage capacity is full. Covid-19 Action Coalition The Covid Action Coalition is a grassroots, physician-led advocacy focused on protecting public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zerobase Zerobase is a free, privacy-first contact tracing tool that helps communities at any stage of an outbreak. Zerobase helps predict and contain COVID-19 outbreaks by using QR codes to trace the disease in a new way that complements and adds to traditional contract tracing tools. Zerobase does not require every community member to have a phone and works with almost every smart phone without downloading an app. Learn More about this exciting and accelerating project that ECV helped to incubate. Zerobase is designed to be accessible for all communities and acknowledges that different communities face different challenges and needs for successful implementation. Zerobase is working to overcome barriers such as access to technology, concerns about privacy, or other cultural concerns a community might hold through outreach and collaboration. COVID-19 National Scientist Database (USA) The Covid-19 National Scientist Database is an affiliate project of ECV. A curated database of scientists from all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and Guam who are eager to volunteer time, expertise, equipment, and consumables to help our global community respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Members include experts in scientific testing, bioinformatics, and data management, as well as key contacts willing to donate lab space and testing supplies. SCRUB The Survey of COVID-19 Responses to Understand Behaviour (SCRUB) project is tracking in real time how groups of people around the world are behaving amid the COVID-19 crisis. It’s designed to help government policymakers by documenting how relevant public experiences and behaviours are changing over time. USA Advocacy Campaign to connect with Key Decision Makers the USA Outreach to Impact Girls We are supporting women and girls across the globe who are impacted differentially by the pandemic. Our current focus is making and sharing infographics. Advocacy & Outreach There are multiple teams & projects running under this division ranging from campaigns to separate web platforms. See which type of outreach project / team interests you & where you can help. Zero Pact Initiative The Zero Pact Initiative is meant to promote coalition-building among community institutions, including religious and cultural institutions, which would agree to remain physically closed until the number of new coronavirus cases in their zone is reduced to zero. These institutions, in joining our Zero Pact, would work with us on messaging to their community members to remind the community that the goal must be to become a green zone with zero cases. The messaging would include guidelines on how the community members can help reach that goal within their zone. Speak Up America Phone Banking to Avocate for the End of the Pandemic though actions recommened by this org PPE Hotline shares general recommendations on the selection and usage of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a variety of circumstances. The platform is up and running, currently looking for volunteers to assist with news articles. Internship Program EndCoronavirus is in the early stages of setting up an internship program. We are collaborating with various organizations & projects to provide internship roles. Data Visualization Our Volunteer team is bridging the gap between Covid-19 data and people. Insightful visualizations have show how Covid-19 data the way it is impacting people and most importantly, How to Win! Analytics Various projects to assist with requests made by other ECV ( projects/teams/channels to find meaningful information and help make it useful. The Covid Tutoring Initiative We are platform for volunteer tutoring and mentorship in the education sector. Communication & Social Media Various projects centred around communication. This includes content posting and moderation of the ECV social media channels: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Translations Various projects centred around translation. Translating (mainly) our website, guidelines & outreach work in as many languages as possible Covid-19 Guidelines We run & coordinate various projects around writing & publishing Guidelines for different communities AI-powered Live-Lit Review This is an AI-system in development that can digest and help abstract primary source COVID research in order to produce continuously updated literature reviews for key COVID topics, using ML + human-domain-expert-in-loop. Masks For All Promote the wearing of face masks to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Influence decision-makers to encourage (or require) face masks in public places and enclosed spaces. High Risk Institutions ECV is currently investigating risks & mitigation strategies for Covid-19 outbreaks at high risk institutions. These types of institutions include: aged care facilities, assisted living, rehab facilities, retirement communities, prisons (generally any place where there are residents) Arizona Advocacy (Tucson) Campaign to connect AZ key decision makers with information on how to win/get to zero zone, Choose Life Providing resources to faith leaders to expand their network virtually while keeping their houses of worship closed. 119 Memorial The One-Nineteen global community observes an annual remembrance day to preserve and honor the memory of all who were lost to COVID-19, and supports the families of the first responders and frontline workers from all walks of life and in every community. PPE Scams provides basic guidance and useful links to combat fraudulent activities and counterfeit products. The platform is up and running, currently looking for volunteers to assist with news articles.
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